You can call me Princess. (ohhowsherocksss) wrote in vip__room,
You can call me Princess.

Okay, so seeing how this is a new community, we need members, as well as co-mods and such. The positions that need filling are:

Co-mod- Helps out the mod when tallying votes,  helps make sure that everyone did their monthly promotions. Takes over if the mod can't be active.
Points mod- Keeps track of how many points people have, then tells the mod so it can be put on the userinfo.
Theme mod- Changes the weekly themes into something fun and different to keep people active.

If you are interested in being one of these mods, please fill out the following application, and then post it in a comment below, with the name of the position you would like in the subject.

Application for mod-positions:

What position are you applying for?:
Prior mod experience?:
Are you going to remain active?:
Can you make banners?:
If yes, make 1 banner for this community:
Promote this community 5 times, and post the links:
Post a picture of yourself for the userinfo, and i'll resize it:

That's it <33

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